Sunday July 19th Reflection from Father George Canto

By | July 19, 2020

My Dearly Beloved Parishioners of St. Brieux and Kinistino,

Once again, we see God’s patience, kindness and mercy in all the readings today. He deals with us patiently and isn’t quick to judge. He judges with mildness according to Wisdom in the first reading today. The response to the Psalm reminds us that He is good and forgiving. He allows people the time to repent and be converted. In the Gospel, Jesus continues to speak in parables in order to get the attention of His listeners. We continue to reflect on the sower and the seeds following last Sunday’s reflection. This time, the sower is supposed to be patient in dealing with the weeds in his fields. He should allow both to grow until harvest time. At harvest time, the weeds are collected and burned while the wheat are being gathered into the barn. So, we learn from Jesus how we should deal with the things around us, both good and bad. At times, we tend to give up upon seeing things that are depressing and discouraging in the world which we believe are works of Satan. We just have to persevere in doing good even if others are doing the opposite. Let us also take this opportunity to examine ourselves. Is it not that we also have the reality of wheat and weeds within us? What will happen to our weeds? This reminds me of the first nation story of the black wolf and white wolf within us. These two continue to fight within us. At the end of the story the grandson asked the grandfather which of the two wolves won. The one that you fed the most said the grandfather. We just have to be mindful of the weeds within us and try to keep them under control and hamper their developments. In the end, we can say the last line of the first reading: “You have filled your children with good hope, because You give repentance for sins. Amen.

May you all have a safe and fruitful week ahead.


Fr. George