Reflection Sunday May 10, 2020

By | May 9, 2020

My Beloved Parishioners of St. Brieux and Kinistino, Happy Mothers’ Day to all the mothers out there especially to our St. Brieux and Kinistino parishioners. I would like to greet also Melfort parishioners on this occasion as I am filling-in for Fr. Nick. I would like to pay tribute to all our Mothers for the beauty, wonder and gift of Motherhood in the Church and in the world.
We have heard so many stories about a mother’s love. In fact, we all have our stories to tell. Let us take a moment to remember them and thank God for their unconditional love. We pray for our mothers who are already gone. May they now receive their eternal rewards for having lived wonderful and fruitful lives. For those of us whose Moms are still living, we continue to show our gratitude and love for them.

In the first reading from Acts, the community chose seven men whom we call deacons to help the Apostles respond to the needs of the community. The Apostles wanted to devote themselves in prayer, so they had these men do the other tasks of looking after the material needs of the community especially the widows and orphans. The second reading from Peter talks about the cornerstone. Like living stones, Peter asked the people to be built into a spiritual house. Just like the seven Deacons, mothers devote their time, talent and resources to serve their families with tireless devotion. Together with their husbands, mothers are strong foundations or cornerstones of their families. To the best of their abilities, they try to raise God-fearing and faith-loving children to be built into a spiritual house. So today, we pray for all mothers, both living and deceased. We pray for young mothers that God give them the grace and the strength to raise a
wonderful family built on love and faith. For mothers who are struggling to make ends meet, may God supply them in their needs. Finally, we thank all the mothers for their calling, vocation and mission of serving their families, the Church and society.

The Gospel was one of Jesus’ farewell discourses which took place at the last supper. We usually hear this gospel read at funerals. It is an invitation from Jesus not to be downhearted or to loose heart. He knew what was going on in the hearts of His disciples because of His eventual departure. He urged them to be steadfast and persevering at the moment until the day of their reunion at the Father’s place. He assured them that He was going ahead to prepare a place for all of them in His Father’s House. After everything has been made ready, He is coming back to take them with Him in His eternal dwelling place. This invitation of Jesus extends to all of us also. Is this also our desire? Are we willing to act on it? When Jesus promised to make reservations for His disciples, it didn’t happen automatically. They had to make that plan a reality for each one of them. That means they had to cooperate with the grace of God by doing their mission. That is why at the end of the Gospel, He said: “they will do greater things than these because I’m going to the Father.” Just like any reservation, it can be cancelled. That is why, He wants us to be serious in making that effort to make that plan and desire of Jesus a reality for each one of us. There is no other way but to trust and  follow Jesus who is the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE. He expects us to be doing His works and be with Him one day. Finally, may our Blessed Mother intercede for all of us and keep us under the mantle of her Maternal protection. Happy Mother’s day!


Fr. George