Fr. George’s Reflection for March 22, 2020

By | March 22, 2020

My dearly Beloved Parishioners of St. Brieux and Kinistino,
By this time, you may have already known that all our activities and services have
been cancelled. It’s very unfortunate but we believe that our Government and
Church authorities have deemed it necessary for the good and well-being of our
people. Let us take this period of isolation, quarantine or just simply staying at
home as also opportunities for prayer and reflection. Please know that I’m saying
my masses in the Rectory for you and all our intentions in these trying times. I’ll
be writing a short reflection every week based on our Sunday readings and this is
my first one.
The readings this fourth Sunday of Lent talk about light and darkness. In the
second reading, St. Paul encouraged the Ephesians to live as children of light. In
the first reading David was chosen to be the king of all the seven sons of Jesse
because of his humility and courage especially in defeating Goliath. He wasn’t a
perfect person. He had his own lights and shadows. He had his dark moments too.
The story of the blind man in the Gospel is a journey from darkness into light.
Jesus invites us also to embark on the same journey and continue to bear fruit of
the light which is found in all that is good, right and true. We are to continue the
works of the Father with Jesus while it is still day and to discern what is pleasing
to God. We pray that God heal our spiritual blindness and let us view our journey
through Lent as a process of coming to the light of Christ who defeated the power
of darkness and sin. Amen.